“Global Fight Against Aids Threatens Russia’s National Security”

Yesterday, the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, the official Kremlin advisory think-tank, presented its report titled “The Fight Against Aids: Global Trends and National Security.” It includes the following notable paragraphs:

“Today we are confronted with a well-structured, extensive global corporation dealing with the fight against HIV / AIDS. At its disposal is a global network of non-governmental organizations that make up the backbone of the corporation Global Fund, as well as 11 UN agencies mentioned as partners in the framework of the joint program, UNAIDS. Their activities are carried across borders of nation-states and are transnational in nature.
Their global strategy is in line with, and to the advantage of the United States.

Coordinated by the US, the course of action of these global organizations puts to the test national sovereignty, national cultural values ​​and historical traditions of the countries that are the object of their efforts. And Russia has been able to feel it for itself.

For several years, the Russian NGOs, while implementing a project of UNAIDS and the Global Fund, in fact, destroyed traditional values, including family values, and tried to introduce new behavioral norms. These programs of “harm reduction” and substitution therapy aimed at the legalization of drugs and prostitution. They openly aim to change the laws of the Russian Federation, in order to smoothly introduce Western values ​​and norms of behavior. And not only.
We must especially pay attention to the “care” offered by global coordinators to vulnerable groups (HIV-infected drug addicts, prisoners, migrants, LGBT). They, being the most dissatisfied, are seen as a potential force of protest, from which you can create opposition to the authorities…… As imposed by the United States through international organizations, programs to counter AIDS undoubtedly threaten Russia’s national security”.

Which reminds me of something Stalin said in 1947, when Molotov reported to him of the United State’s offer to provide economic and financial aid to Russia and Eastern Europe, along the lines of the Marshall Plan.

“This is a ploy by Truman. … They don’t want to help us.  What they want is to infiltrate European countries.”


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