Oh, Combat Brother!

Yesterday, the never-disappointing Russian hacking group Anonymous International released another trove of emails. This time it belongs to the former Kremlin employee Alexey Anisimov, one of the assistants to the Kremlin’s chief of Domestic Politics Vyacheslav Volodin.

The trove bears further evidence to the way the Kremlin engineered the takeover of Crimea, including evidence that as early as March 4th and 5th, Russia’s Central Electoral Committee had already prepared all paperwork for the Referendum: 2 full days before the Crimean “local parliament” decided to proceed with a referendum. But this we knew before; and I have previously written about Anisimov’s involvement in the Crimean takeover project.

What is new and shocking comes out in an email sent on 22 March 2014 to Anisimov by a certain Maria (unidentified sender)

The email is titled “Proposal for honoring staff of the All-Russian social organization “Combat Brotherhood”.

Combat Brotherhood (“Боевое Братство”) is a Russian veteran’s organization set up in 1997 to “unite war veterans from regional and international military conflicts. The March 22, 2014 proposal includes some fascinating names:

List of personnel for recognition from the All-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat Brotherhood”
1. Roman V. Ivanov – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
2. Konstantin V. Malafeev – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
3. Piterimov Eugene N. – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”

Certificate of Merit:
1. Boris Gromov  – Chairman of the “Combat Brotherhood”
2. Girkin Igor Vsevolodovich – a member of the “Combat Brotherhood”
3. Dmitry V. Konov – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
4. Mashkov Oleg Vladimirovich – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”

 Letter of gratitude:
1. Batygina Alexander E. – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
2. Boroday Alexander Yurevich- member “Combat Brotherhood”
3. Alexander Gerasimenko – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
4. V. Gromov Maksim – Member “Combat Brotherhood”
5. Andrew Y. Egorov – a member of the “Combat Brotherhood”
6. Zadoya Sergey Viktorovich – member of the “Combat Brotherhood”
7. Karlushina Maria Alexandrovna – member of the “Combat Brotherhood”
8.Kedrova Svetlana D. – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
9. Kabyakou Sergey – a member of “Combat Brotherhood”
10. Laguta Alexey – member of “Combat Brotherhood”
11. Andrey S. Lebedev – a member of “Combat Brotherhood”
12. Petunina Elena – a member of “Combat Brotherhood”
13. Potapenko Andrey Nikolaevich – member of “Combat Brotherhood”
14. Chervyakov Alexander – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
15. Shaganenko Oleg Leonidovich – Member of “Combat Brotherhood”
So, this list tells us two things.
First, we find out Kosntantin Malofeev is a member of the veteran’s organization Combat Brotherhood. Now that’s interesting, because he is not a veteran of any war. Any war prior to 2014, that is.
Second, we find out that Malofeev and his two employees Girkin (Strelkov) and Boroday were all honored (or at least considered for honor) by Putin as early as March 22 2014. That’s only a few days after the so-called “Referendum” and at least 10 days before Girkin showed up in Slavyansk, under telephone guidance from Malofeev and Boroday.
This “honors” list eliminates any doubt that I might have had that Malofeev’s role in preparing the ground-work for the Crimea takeover (starting with his January and February trips to Crimea in the company of Girkin) was fully coordinated with and approved by the Kremlin.
Just another box to check.

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