The Brave Soldier Strelkov..not so brave after all.

On November 28, 2013, Igor Girkin, then head of Security for Konstantin Malofeev and still very much totally unknown to the rest of the world, spoke his mind in a comment left on Russia’s blogging site of choice,

We find out what he posted in his email box from that day, as he got an automatic notification from the blogging site that the blogger had replied to his comment:


In the middle of a long-winded geopolitical question, Girkin asked rhetorically:

The question now is similar: is the world oligarchy interested in a new brothel, or is still satisfied, for now, with the slow degradation of Russia, which is being ensured by Putin & Co?

The blogger, going by the name of El Murid (later a staunch Girkin supporter), answers the question extensively.

Not surprisingly, Girkin has made sure this comment is no longer to be found on El Murid’s blog, lest Putin finds out what the Novorossya movement chief, pledging eternal and military support to the President, really thought about him just over a year ago. Here is a snapshot of the website with this particular chain of comments, now:


In short: Girkin’s question is deleted, and somehow, El Murid response remains there answering an unasked question.

Not so brave, after all..


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