The sad joke of Russian Law & Order

12 hours after the brazen murder of Boris Nemtsov, the Chief Investigative Body of Russia, Следственный Комитет (reporting directly to Putin), announced the priority hypotheses for the killing that it was working on. In order of plausibility, these werе:

  • a provocation aiming to destabilize the political situation in the country, using Nemtsov as a “sacrificial victim for those who do not have any moral limits to the methods they will use to achieve their goals” [i.e., the opposition]
  • An islamic-extremist link, related to Nemtsov’s vocal criticism of the Charlie Hebdo kllings
  • Intra-Ukrainian links to the murder, as “extreme forces are at play on both sides of the Ukrainian political spectrum”
  • Business related motives
  • Domestic/personal motives

These are the most plausible hypotheses,  according to the top minds of the Interior Ministry and the Investigation  that were gathered for this case, working under the direct supervision of President Putin.

Let’s forget for a moment the [unthinkable] idea of the investigation listing the hypothesis of a Government-instigated murder of the most vocal opponent who had announced that he would disclose crucial evidence of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine“. What boggles the mind – even for Russian standards – is that Russia’s best and brightest would not list amongst their top suspects the only people who have actually, with various degree of explicitness, threatened to murder Nemtsov.

  • Alexander Dugin, leader of the Eurasian Movement in Russia, has for years called for a final solution with the traitors in Russia; the 5th column of which Nemtsov was explicitly listed. In May 2013, the Eurasian Youth Movement, presided by Dugin, staged a mock execution of Boris Nemtsov (along with 3 other “traitors”) in Rostov-on-Don (you can see the mock killing in the video below). In this lengthy interview with Vladimir Pozner, Dugin names Nemtsov as the example of liberals who “must be annihilated” (Pozner even quotes back to him an article called “Liberals – To The Wall”)
  • Igor Girkin (Dugin’s friend and hero) has formally announced that he (via his Novorossiya Movement) will serve as a paramilitary guarantor that no opposition member will be allowed to stage a “maidan” in Russia. This official manifesto of the movement explicitly states as its mission “ case of mass anti-government actions, we will side with the current government, including, if necessary use force to deal with the opposition“. In this program video, Girkin pledges to defend Putin and Russia even when they don’t want to defend themselves, and will fight the traitors with all means, “including by use of force”. Boris Nemtsov was seen by the Novorossiya Movement as an arch-enemy.
  • Numerous representatives of the paramilitary Cossack forces, a key component of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have explicitly threatened to silence Nemtsov if he doesn’t shut his mouth and stop criticizing, for example in this case, the Russian military doctrine. Even upon news of his death, this “Imperial Cossacks Union” website gloated: “The Jew Nemtsov has been killed”

Add to this list of eager, willing, and explicit silence-wishers on Nemtsov the fact that both Dugin and Girkin are close associates (and in fact, paid employees) of Konstantin Malofeev; the person who funded a large part of the invasion of Ukraine, and the motive is near perfect.

Yet, NONE of these suspects that are crying loud at the top of their voice to be seen, are even being mentioned in the “top hypothesis list”. And because they are not, we have no option but to conclude that the “investigation” is a foregone charade, and that this country continues to be a joke.



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