Come on, we are all grown people

The following is an SMS chat that took place late in the evening of Mayday 2014. The initiator of the chat was allegedly Nikolay Valkovskiy, editor-in-chief of, one of the most pro-Putin and Ukraine-bashing web-sites in Russia. The person he is chatting with is Timur Prokopenko, then head of the Kremlin’s internal policy department, and now promoted to being head of Federal and Electoral Issues.

Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:02 Chief! Good evening! I have an emergency
Timur Prokopenko 05/01/2014 21:04 What’s up?
Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:06 One our our senior workers has revolted: on FB, he asked forgivence from the hohlo’s [der.-Ukranians], for not being able to take a machine gun and kill Putin and so on”. I fired him already, but haven’t told him on purpose. He is a friend of Timchenko, btw. I just hope they don’t make a huge issue out of this. These are not Kalashnik’s jokes
Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:07 Keep in mind, if the net starts stinking, we must prevent this. This is a criminal case, you know.
Timur Prokopenko 05/01/2014 21:08 Nikolay, I told you a long time ago: fire all the idiots, it’s not our task to gather within Ridus people, who ideologically don’t support the country and the president. When did he write it?
Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:08 An hour ago, give or take.
Timur Prokopenko 05/01/2014 21:09 And when did you fire him?
Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:09 Effective immediately, but he doesn’t know yet.
Nikolay Valkovskiy 05/01/2014 21:09 We blocked his access to the site and twitter.

The person who got fired (without knowing, apparently) was Sergey Tuvakin. Here is his fateful FB post:

“I don’t know how to apologize before my Ukrainian friends for the shit going on. I just don’t know. I can’t kill Putin, I can’t take a machine gun and go defend your country. You must find a way to do that somehow.

Forgive me if you can. I can’t do anything. Just know that I am with you. You will make it. Ukraine is Europe.”

He found out he was fired the next day. When he asked why he was being fired, he got only this reply: “Come on, we are all grown people”

(The source of the SMS content is a hack of Prokopenko’s i-phone, released by Anonymous International)


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