Girkin’s memoirs: How we shot muslims

At some point after 1995, Girkin became “Strelkov”. Per his own confessions in an email to a woman he was courting, Srelkov was originally the code name assigned to  him by FSB, and later became his literary nom de plume (if you have forgotten, he is an author of odd Harry Potter-esque fantasies that make it clear he has serious issues with reality).

The only time that he published anything under his real name was in 1995. It was a serialized memoir about his experiences as a member of the Second Russian Volunteer’s Unit fighting on the Serbian side in the Serb-Bosnian war in 1992-1993 (you can read his full story, including how he ended up in Bosnia, in my trilogy “The Orthodox Crusaders”),

I came across these unpublished electronically (as far as I know) documents in April while investigating Girkin’s background for some friends.

The memoirs are relevant today in that in them he openly speaks about his team (for the sake of precision, he never uses the self-incriminatory first person – many times the “we” mode, though) murdering Bosnians that just happened to open the door – and happened to be Muslim. Some examples:

Ace (Girkin’s commander at the time; he later helped recruit him as mercenary for the war in Syria) and Valery went to a house and when they came across Muslims, Ace shot two of them”


Amongst other interesting details: the “volunteers” were paid, according to Girkin – underpaid (150-200 DM per month), which makes them, well, mercenaries.

Memoirs are, naturally, in Russian, They were published in a quaint and unheard of military-emigre magazine, affiliated with the White Army heritage.

Enjoy. (And do share any observations you may have)


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