#KremlinLeak: Mandatory Questions for Putin’s Press-conference in Austria (UPDATED)

Anonymous International did it again.

At 11.20 am CET today they published what they allege is a list of “mandatory” questions, sent by the Kremlin to journalists (one would presume Russian ones), to be asked during Putin’s visit to Vienna, and possibly immediately after it.

As we know Putin has just landed in Vienna for finalize talks with Austria on the South Stream gas project.  Following are the questions.

Obviously, the Kremlin may now “cancel” the order, but it will be curious to watch if some journos don’t get the message in time and still ask the requested question verbatim.


” Gazprom and OMV of Austria just signed an agreement for the constructino of South Stream, about the necessity for which you have spoken on many occasions. Yet,  within the EU there are serious contraditions between the other participants in the project : Serbia seems to be reaffirming its commitment; Bulgaria is awaiting approval of Brussels. Where is the guarantee that the “South Stream” will not fall prey to political pressure? After all, now  Yatsenyuk is threatening to  “freeze the stream”,  handing over  49% of the Ukrainian GTS’s to Western investors?”

Question 2

“Many have the distinct feeling that the Ukrainian side deliberately delayed the recent gas talks, to allow them time to pump into storage as much as possible free fuel. How will we get our debts back? And how can we bypass Ukraine in European transit shipments, if Kiev will begin again its stealing of gas in the fall?”

Question 3

“In the conversation with Poroshenko you made a number of comments on his so-called “peace plan.”  Do you think that this plan still has merit? What items from it could you support?”

Question 4

“During the visit, you will visit the monument to soldiers of the 3rd Ukrainian Front that liberated Vienna during World War II. Austrians treat with respect not only the monuments, but also the graves of Soviet soldiers – unfortunately, against the barbaric treatment of the same monuments in the former Soviet republics. How do you feel about such a revision of history and destruction of historical memory, which has become commonplace in many European countries?”



Anonymous International (Russia) end their leak with the tongue-in-cheek:

“We could also publish Putin’s play-by-play agenda for his Vienna trip, but knowing his proclivity for being late, it will not be of much use to anyone”

Please follow the conferences/interviews if you have time, and let us know if you find improbable coincidences 🙂



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