#KremlinLeaks: On the Shadow Politics of Russia in Ukraine (19-25 May)

Here is the next installment from the Analytical Reports prepared, allegedly, for use by the Kremlin. This excerpt is from the report covering events in the week of May 19-25.

As discussed in the previous posts, this leak came from the Russian hackers group calling themselves “Anonymous International – Russia”. In addition to my earlier qualifications about the degree of reliability of the content, I would like to add that (a) I am more and more convinced that the leaked documents are technically authentic, and (b) I am more and more certain that they contain largely incompetent fantasies of “experts” who are earning a living providing conspiratorial analyses to one or another Russian government (or Duma) structure. This does not mean, however, that some of the (thus far unknown) facts referenced are not true, and should be used for cross-checking from other sources.

Many of the comments (especially on Reddit) seem to question the authenticity of the documents simply because the content often makes no sense. Suffice it to say that the actual, observed beliefs of many of the top government officials in Russia (and alleged target readers) make even less sense. In this context, I invite you to seek out and watch on YouTube any of the videotaped economic and political somniloquy by Putin adviser, and current Chairman of the Duma’s Economic Policy Committee, Yevgeniy Fedorov.

On the politics of the Russian Federation in relation to addressing the South East

Experts report that on the back of his visit to China, Putin decided to “soft surrender” South-East of Ukraine in exchange for an agreement with the leadership of Germany and representatives of Poroshenko on the transit gas to Europe, and a commitment by Ukraine to pay its gas debt.

Notable in this respect are some of the efforts made in this direction by Putin proxiesin Russia’s shadow policy on Ukraine. First, “emissaries” of the former head of the presidential administration of Pres. Kuchma, V. Medvedchuk (who is also a close friend of Pres. Putin and represents his personal interests in Ukraine) organized talks with Poroshenko on the terms on which Russia would deny further support to the separatist movement in the south-east of Ukraine. According to experts, to create favorable conditions for such negotiations, the Russian side has made a number of “conciliatory gestures”. On March 19th all accounts of the Roshen corporation in Russian banks had been arrested, and as a result the production of confectionery in the Lipetzk plants was suspended, and so was the construction works for the third plant in the Lipetzk region. However, a month later the work of these plants was resumed, without any public attention being drawn to the fact.

Read the rest of the report here >> Kremlin_Ukraine_May19-25


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