#KremlinLeaks: China, Ukraine and the New Silk Road

I continue the publication of translated excerpts from the leaked weekly analytical reports on current political and economic developments,  prepared for use by the Kremlin’s administration.

Please read the disclaimers and caveats from my initial publication on the leaks before continuing.

The current installment focuses on Putin’s May visit to China, and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to understand the way Russia sees the geopolitical relevance o the Ukraine crisis. It also possibly discloses some confidential information on the actual dealings between Russia and China.

Apologies for the sometimes clumsy structure of the translation, but I believe it is all comprehensible.

On the intrigue around Putin’s visit to China and what it actually achieved

The central event of last week was the long-awaited visit of the President of the Russian Federation to China, during which he finally signed a 30-year contract to supply gas to the Far East.The media and expert community intensively discussed the question of the relationship between the visit to China and the Ukrainian crisis, due to which the Russian Federation has undergone sanctions.

A common interpretation of this event is the view that the signing of the gas agreement with China was a response to Western sanctions and the possible consequence curtailing economic relations with European countries, followed by a change in foreign policy to the East. Other actively disseminated opinion is that the signed contract with China is rather not lucrative to RF, since the price implicit in it (formula driven and not made public) is on the verge of being loss-making for Russia.

Experts believe that these interpretations are generally incorrect. Commenting on these opinions, and generally on this event, our experts noted the following non-public details and facts:

(read the rest of the section here:  China_report_may25)


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