The fascist “uprising”, or “Our Fascists Are Better Than Your Fascists”

I wrote here at length that the “spontaneous uprising” in South/East Ukraine was in fact conceived and implemented by extreme right-wing (and extreme left-wing) nationalistic circles in Russia. I also wrote about the accelerating run-away train that Putin is a passenger in, and the need for him to either jump off and cut his losses, or crash when the end of line comes. Either way, I argued, it will cost him some, but if he jumps off (by disowning the civil war engineers and financiers), at least he has a fighting chance to remain president until the end of his term.

Last week one of the original leaders of so-called uprising made an admission that puts an end to any lingering doubt that the events in Eastern Ukraine are spontaneous or local.

Pavel Gubarev was the first “people’s mayor”, a term that no one had ever heard before the Ukraine unrest. These people’s mayors began popping up in different cities of Eastern Ukraine after the mass choreographed rallies opposing “the Kiev junta” (I wrote about the spontaneity of these rallies here). In fact, they were total unknowns to the local populations (unless someone had been able to recognize Gubarev in his Santa Claus suit, which is apparently what he did for the past 10 years). They were, however, handpicked by the “uprising” overlords in Moscow.

One of the overlords is Alexander Barkashov, the head of the fascist Russian movement “Russian National Unity”.  Not only could we hear Barkashov give direct orders to falsify the results of the Donetsk referendum, but apparently the “people’s mayor of Donetsk” was hand-picked by him.  The reason for such trust?  Gubarev was one of the loyal soldiers in Barkashovs fascist private army, which in 1993 provided military backing to the failed cougubarev-fascp against president Yeltsin.

Photos from the 90’s show the fascism-fighting “people’s mayor” Gubarev in full fascist attire, and standing in obedience to the militarized wacko Barkashov (who spent some time in Russian jail  for using his private army in the coup;  his ultra-nationalist party is (at least officially) banned).

Barkashov on the left, Gubarev second from right among soldiers

Gubarev kept his silence on his affiliation to RNE, and despite the publication of the photos in the Ukrainian press, the mainstream Russian media simply ignored this (and so did, unfortunately, mainstream Western media). That is, Russian media kept silent until a couple of days ago, when a Russian website published an interview with Gubarev, in which he plainly admitted to having being part of RNE, and thanking the fascist organization for having taught him the art of war. Here is an excerpt:

Q: Dear Pavel, could you once and for all clarify your connection (or lack thereof) with RNE. Too many people fear that you are the adherent of the same type of national-radicals as Right Sector, but with a Russian dimension?

A: Indeed, in my youth I was a member of Barkashov’s RNE movement. But that was 12 years ago. I was young and hot-blooded. I an grateful to this organization for the military preparation – in Ukraine’s army you don’t get that. I call myself a Russian nationalist, but with the proviso that true Russian nationalism is not ethnic, but spiritual, universal. My views of today can be justly described as national patriotic with a left-centrist proclivity. Russians and Ukrainians are one nation, it is just that some Ukrainians have forgotten that.”

So, it appears that every single “people’s” someone in Eastern Ukraine is, indeed, certain people’s someone.  Slovyansk’s “people’s mayor” was not a member of RNE, as far as we know, but he did fight alongside  FSB’s Col. Girkin in the secessionist war in Transnistria, and the two have been friends ever since, as he himself admitted on his birthday.  We have covered previously the direct participation in the 1993 putsch of DNR’s prime minister, parachuted straight from Moscow.

With so much non-debatable evidence that the people doing the revolution against the “Kiev junta” are – at the very best – juntists at heart, no doubt Putin is feeling a well-justified paranoia that they would ultimately come after him, if they are allowed to establish themselves.  And the past week showed that he is beginning to act on that paranoia – softening his stance on Kiev’s new government, sending the Russian ambassador back to Ukraine, and even offering to work with the new President. Just imagine how improbable a tweet like this would seem just a couple days ago:

This change of Kremlin’s course, in turn, immediately caused well-founded paranoia amongst the sponsors of the “uprising” in Eastern Ukraine, and they made some loud noises to warn Putin that if he doesn’t play ball with them, they will do their best to embarrass him, if not worse. But I will write on this topic in my next post.

P.S.  In a comedic turn of events, Col.. Girkin today arrested his buddy, the golden-teethed “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk, and replaced him with another buddy – this time, a former FSB colleague, Vladimir Pavlenko. No doubt, Mr. Pavlenko will also inherit the title a people’s mayor.





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