Some of the most shocking Russian propaganda lies in May

This compilation was by the LiveJournal user avmalgin. I thought it was important to make these available in English as well.
                                           * * *
CLAIM: Ukrainian army has bombed downtown Slavyansk and killed peaceful civilians.

REALITY: Photo is from an industrial accident in QUEBEC, Canada.

CLAIM: The rebels have shot down an unmanned drone above Donetsk.

REALITY: Drone was shot down above Karabah, in the disputed enclave between Azerbeidzhan and Armenia.

CLAIM: Child killed by Ukrainian anti-terrorist forces.

REALITY: Photo is of girl killed by Syrian government forces near Aleppo.

 CLAIM: NTV channel shows hundreds of pro-Russian Italian demonstrators, protesting against the distortion of information on Ukraine by European media.
REALITY: Ironically, this was footage of Italian students, protesting cut-backs in scholarships and social programs.
CLAIM: Man shot point-blank in Donetsk by the National Guard of Ukraine.
REALITY: Photo of man shot in Karbadino-Balkaria, Russia, in 2012



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