The Orthodox Crusaders: An Overdue Prologue January 5th, 2010, Igor Girkin wrote to a friend, who was urging him to launch a “patriotic web-site”.

Greetings, Berkem!
Unfortunately, I cannot launch my own site for a number a reasons – and I don’t see any sense – just see how many “patriotic [internet] resources” there are out there – and they are the same people over and over again, doing nothing…
…About a year ago, going crazy from hopelessness, I started meeting possible sponsors for a “patriotic project” – I met with Mr. Yuriev [Mikhail Yurev: millionaire and ideologue of Putin; author of “Russia: The Empire That Should Be”  (whom I met via Michail Leontiev  [State TV host, denier of Ukrainian nation, persona non-grata in a few countries]  – I met him via Chechnya). No result – he listened to me and “swore eternal loyalty to Putin”. I met a few others – same result.Before New Year I will meet with Michail Leontiev once again, on a personal matter – in a drunken stupor he boasted that “in a couple of years the power in Russia will be rolling on the ground and no one will be there to pick it up”. He is a famous bullshit artist but a statement like this from a loyal Putiner puts everyone on the edge…”
One of my friends has been working on a “Ukrainian project” and is planning to turn it into something more tangible than a simple squandering of the money allocated to this by the Old Square [Putin’s Administration address]. Actually, this project was invented to squander the money from the get-go, unfortunately.
I don’t have high hopes, but if we make an effort, a “Transnistria Option” may be possible. What do you think? In Russia there’s nothing to be done now. I have a load of friends and comrades from both Chechen Wars – but those who are still serving, and have any power, are scared of even talking about the “dark future”; others – like me – have no real power at their jobs. And I have enough brains not to go down the road of idiotic “people’s rebellions”, half-staffed by striped friends…
If you get any thoughts on this, please write back. And keep in mind that a couple dozen of “veterans” with real experience and readiness to risk everything, I can gather at a moment’s notice”
His friends replies:
“Understood. About the Transnistria Option for Ukraine – I am no expert, but such an opportunity seems very real. To hand over to Russia a piece of rebellious territory, shout around the world about the nasty aggressor and eliminate a powerful source of all kinds of problems – yes, this would be a very reasonable step by the enemy. Unfortunately, today I see more unfavorable scenarios. But who am I to debate this…”

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